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Membership Information

6 Reasons why you should join our Mac User Group
  1. There's safety in numbers. It's true that only a small percentage of computer users own a Mac. Who do you turn to when you're stuck with a hardware or software problem? Our group is well organized and with a membership you have a better chance of getting help when you need it.

  2. There's savings in numbers. Because we belong to other organizations, and at times we make group purchases of games etc., we can get discounts on software.

  3. It's informative. We've had guest speakers from Apple, Adobe, Corel, and members of our own group, give presentations on all kinds of subjects related to using a Mac.

  4. It's fun to network. We have a number of different interests among our group including:
    • novice users trying to figure out their first Mac
    • desktop publishing
    • word processing/bookkeeping
    • videography
    • graphic design
    • web development
    • games
    • photography

  5. The Cost is only $15.

  6. We speak the same language. Where else are you going to find a group of people who know what an 'Extension' folder is for.

Interested in joining the Quinte MUGS?

Print our Membership Application

or contact our Membership Officer
Mary Culloden, culloden@sympatico.ca

Annual Membership Fee is $15.00

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